Monday, July 4, 2016

#Review Captured Innocence by Kennedy Layne

Title: Captured Innocence
Author: Kennedy Layne
Rating: 4 stars

This book was recommended to me by a friend of mine. I'm always leery of reading BDSM books because I'm picky. Very picky. This one, however, was right up my alley.

The author did a great job with Lauren's character set up. Her issues, once explained, were believable as was Connor's response. Both of the main characters were easy to relate to I found it hard to put the book down at times.

There is also a mystery to be solved. Sometimes I can figure it out, or have a good idea who did it before it's revealed, but not in this one. I didn't figure out who was behind the murder until the characters did.

Readers were also introduced to the rest of the Crest Security team. Each one of them has their own issues, and I'm curious to see how they will each get their HEAs in future books...especially the owner of the security company, Gavin Crest.

There were some missing words in the text, but nothing too major. It didn't take away from the overall enjoyment of the story.

I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a sexy romantic suspense with some kink.


Author Bio

Kennedy Layne is a USA Today bestselling author. She draws inspiration for her military romantic suspense novels in part from her not-so-secret second life as a wife of a retired Marine Master Sergeant. He doubles as her critique partner, beta reader, and military consultant. They live in the Midwest with their teenage son and menagerie of pets. The loyal dogs and mischievous cats appreciate her writing days as much as she does, usually curled up in front of the fireplace. 

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