Monday, January 30, 2017

Read An Excerpt From Behind Closed Doors

Something inside Chris had snapped when he’d come out of the shower and Elizabeth wasn’t there. He could think of nothing but finding her as he’d raced down the stairs.
The moment he’d laid eyes on her, all reason went out the window. His body acted on instinct alone and had him pushing her up against the wall. He needed to feel her, to know she was all right.
Nothing he felt was the least bit gentlemanly. He wanted to devour her, to erase the dread he’d felt when he’d realized she was gone. He’d never felt that level of fear before, and he never wanted to again.
His hands slid down her lower back to cup her backside, pulling her against him. The feel of her soft curves pressed against him just fueled his desire.
When Chris lifted her up, it took little encouragement from him before she wrapped her legs around him.
Her lips were so soft against his, but they met his kisses with equal fervor. He could taste the orange juice she had with breakfast, but it held a minty undertone and the warm sweetness he remembered from the kiss last night.
Why did I ever think this was a bad idea?
Pressing her back against the wall, he slid his hand under her shirt. Her skin was just as soft as he imagined it to be. He took pride in her answering gasp. He explored her throat and neck with his mouth as her head fell back against the wall.
He was just inching his hand upward when he heard a knock on the open door behind him and a throat clearing. Chris took a deep breath and turned around, already knowing what he’d find. Jim was standing there with an uncomfortable look on his face.
“Sorry. The lady downstairs let me in. You said this was urgent, but I can come back if . . .” 
“No,” Chris said. He cleared his throat and let Elizabeth's legs slip back down to the floor. "It's fine." He took a step back from Elizabeth and noticed her face was flushed and her breathing was ragged.
As if on cue, Jan appeared behind Jim at the door. "Oh good, you found them." Then to Elizabeth she said, “I thought maybe you’d join me for coffee while the boys do their thing.”
“Uh . . . sure,” Elizabeth said, wringing her hands together.
Her eyes stayed fixed to the floor as she left, and then she turned back, looking at Chris once more before disappearing.
He didn’t know how he felt about what had just happened between them. His body had wanted it, sure, but it didn’t change anything. In fact, it made him feel like a cad. She needed a friend right now. She’d just had her personal space violated, and no one deserved that, especially her.

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