Monday, April 3, 2017

Sale Ends April 4th - Don't Miss Out #Romance

Six months ago a group of authors got together and published Cuffed & Claimed, a law enforcement anthology. The goal of this anthology was to not only treat our readers to some sexy stories featuring heroes that wear a badge, but also to raise money for charity. All the proceeds from the sale of Cuffed & Claimed are going to a LEO charity. 

But sadly, as all good things do, it must come to an end. At the end of business tomorrow, April 4th, Cuffed & Claimed will be no more and the stories will go back to the individual authors. Some will be republishing them as individual novellas, while others are planning to expand the stories into full length novels. Either way,  you'll not be able to get all ten of these stories again for only 99 cents.

For more information on the stories AND links to where you can purchase your very own copy... click HERE.

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