Sunday, December 3, 2017

#SixSentenceSunday From Longing for His Kiss by Sherri Hayes

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She lowered her gaze. “Sorry, Sir. I didn’t mean—”
He tipped her chin up so she was looking at him again. “I’m not upset with you, gattina. I do, however, want to understand why you think your boss would fire you for being a member of a kink club when her best friend is one.”

Longing for His Kiss 

Eight months ago, two uniformed men showed up at Grace Martin’s door and told her that her husband wasn’t coming home. She’s tried to move on, but nothing will make that ache in her chest go away. Kurt wasn’t only her husband. He was also her Master. With him gone a part of her is missing and she has no idea how, or even if, she can repair the hole that has been left.

A lot has changed in the last eight months for Alexander Greco. He was injured, spent six months in a VA hospital recovering, was discharged from the Army after ten years of service, and then moved himself halfway across the country to find his friend’s widow. He has a letter to deliver to Grace—her husband’s final goodbye.

Little does either of them know the letter contains something that will change both their lives.

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