Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Behind Closed Doors 2 Day Sale


I'm celebrating my birthday this year with a new cover for Behind Closed Doors AND reducing the price to 99 cents...for 2 days.



Grab your copy of Chris and Elizabeth's story before the price goes back up!


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All Elizabeth Marshall wants to do is start over in the small town of Springfield, Ohio where no one knows her. The old, three-story, Victorian house seems like the perfect place to heal from the scars of her past and rebuild her life, but her plans quickly get derailed when she meets her upstairs neighbor.

Christopher Daniels is all alpha male---tall, broad shoulders, and dark brown eyes that seem to be able to look into her soul. His sharp attitude the first time they meet puts her on edge, but then he goes and offers her a job at his construction company. The more they work together, the more the lines between professional and personal begin to blur and she finds herself letting her guard down.

As they turn up the heat on their relationship, she finds herself forced to confront her insecurities...and the secrets she’s been trying to put behind her. But just as Elizabeth thinks she might get her second chance at finding love and a happily ever after, someone from her past has decided they aren’t ready to let go.


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