Monday, October 18, 2021

It Was A Graveyard Smash!


Halloween is right around the corner, which means its the perfect its the perfect time to talk paranormal romance. On this week's episode of Bound by Books, Danielle Bannister and Marianne Morea are talking witches, ghosts, vampires, shifters, and more.

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Monday, October 11, 2021

Making Writing A Priority


This week on the Bound by Books Podcast Tina Moss and I are talking about our writing, deadlines, and some of the pros and cons of being an indie author.

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Friday, October 8, 2021

What I'm Currently Reading #FridayReads


This weekend I'm reading a novella by Taryn Quinn.


Forever is the lyric I have on repeat.

I’m a rockstar on a mission, ready to leave the glamorous music scene behind. But only if I have my best friend, Felicity Hudson, by my side.
And in my bed, clad in nothing but her tattoos.
Now that I’m back in my small town near Crescent Cove, I have a weekend to blast the friend zone to pieces with the one woman I’ve always loved.
The woman I turned down after the hottest kiss of my life.
But now Felicity wants to explore the world—without me. And this might be my last chance to make her see how good we are together.
Besides, there are beds all over the world, right?
And walls.
And floors.
Putting down roots? Not for her. Not now. 
And all I want is to make babies with her and settle into a home. Our home.
Unless perhaps this time we can agree to meet in the very steamy middle…



Monday, October 4, 2021

Do Writers Ever Grow Up?


Hannah Byron and Marianne Morea are talking about finding balance when life throws you curve balls and how they approach the writing process on this week's Bound by Books Podcast.

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Friday, October 1, 2021

What I'm Currently Reading #FridayReads

 This week I'm reading Two to Tangle by Kris Jayne. I read a Christmas novella with these two characters last year and loved it.


Family betrayal haunts new love…

Delilah Johnston and Griffin Kelso ring in the New Year with revels and romance. But once the champagne runs dry, the differences between them crash the party.

With a divorce, raising her daughter, and a corporate job in the rearview mirror, forty-something Delilah is ready to indulge herself with passion and a new life. Yes, she agreed to help her ex-boss Griffin launch his new business, but that’s temporary. The tantalizing heat between them, however, isn’t—or so she hopes.

Nearly ten years her junior, Griffin jettisons his playboy ways and sets his sights on Delilah. He aims to build a personal legacy with her by his side. But when his father’s health problems—and the older man’s scheming wife—call him home, he can no longer ignore the betrayal and pain of the past.

He finds refuge in the always willing and wise Delilah. But the more he leans on her, the more she wonders: when is it her turn?

Family drama knocks the couple off course into a tangle of secrets. Can Delilah and Griffin find a path forward together? Or will a shocking revelation divide them forever?

Two to Tangle is a sexy, seasoned BWWM romance with family drama and a May-December surprise. It continues the love story of Delilah and Griffin that began in the holiday novella, Christmas for Two, but can be read as a stand-alone.



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Monday, September 27, 2021

Do I Have Time To Write This Story?



This week I'm talking with fellow writer Danielle Bannister about the all important topic of time management. Find out how each of us plans our stories, writing time, and marketing.