Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Welcome to my new blog!

For those of you following my Finding Anna series blog, have no fear, I'm still continuing it. This new blog will have a slightly different and wider focus. I am hoping to include author interviews and maybe a few reviews of books I'm reading along the way.

If you are new to me as an author, let me take a moment to introduce myself and maybe explain the above. I am a romance author, however, I have a series of books that falls under the erotica category so I set up a separate blog for that. If you are interested in visiting that blog it can be found at As with this blog, there is adult content, so please use caution if you are at work or there are children around.

To date I have published two books, Hidden Threat and Slave, Finding Anna Book 1. I have a short story coming out in November as part of a holiday romance compilation my publisher has put together titled 'A Christmas Proposal.' It is a stand alone story, however, you will enjoy it more and understand the characters better if you read Hidden Threat first as it continues Cali and Matthew's story.

I am also in the process of editing my third full length novel, Behind Closed Doors. It is a romantic suspense novel set in the small town of Springfield, Ohio. My publisher has set it to be release in January. I'll share more details with you on that as the publication date draws closer.

In addition to everything else, I've also begun work on the second novel of my Finding Anna series. Beginning the edits for Behind Closed Doors has pushed that to the back burner for now, however I am hoping to pick it up again no later than mid November. I'm anxious to get back to Stephan and Brianna's story.

Also, if you are a book reviewer interested in reviewing one of my books for your blog, please click on the 'Bloggers' tab at the top.

Happy reading. :)


  1. Good luck with the new blog! I'm following you (but not in a stalker kind of way). :)