Sunday, October 23, 2011

Men and Sex

Yes, that's right. It was another crazy day for me in book research land. lol. Today was all about how often men have sex.

First, I want to think all the ladies over on Facebook who gave input on this subject. What did writers do before they could just post a question in cyber space and receive an answer?

What surprised me was some of the responses I got. They went from as little as two days to five years. Two days? Do guys really have that little restraint?

Just to get an additional perspective, I googled it and wound up on Men's Health. Their answer was that married men have sex about twice a week. Single men, about once a week. And if a guy is single but 'shaking up' he averages three times a week.

What I found interesting was that there was a) no mention of age in this article, and b) most of the women who posted comments disagreed. I don't know what the target audience age for Men's Health is, but I find it hard to believe that a single man in his 40's or 50's is out trolling for sex as often as a man in his 20's. I could be wrong about that as I'm not a man, but I would think that to be logical.

So after a little research on the subject, I came back to my original conclusion: It depends on the man. Too many factors come into play when you are talking about someone's sex drive or even need for sex no matter of their gender.

What do you think? Did I come to the right conclusion?


  1. I agree about 1. the age and 2. the man.

    Early in my and hubs relationship, if we went 3 days without sex well... it was shocking. :) When our oldest son was born, you know they say wait 6 weeks? Nope.. 1 week to the day. We were horn dogs. (Yes, both of us.)

    These days? It REALLY varies. Some weeks we sneak in 2-3 times... and then there are some weeks with nothing. All depends on what is going on in our lives at the time.

  2. most of the time my husband and me average about 4 times per week. We have been marries for 12 yrs. In the beginning it was several times a day. with 3 kids we are sometimes just too tired.

  3. I think it's pretty natural for sex to lessen after you've been together for a while no matter where you start out. That seems to be fairly consistent overall.