Friday, June 22, 2012

Flash Fiction Friday - 6-22-12

Flash Fiction Friday. What can you do with only 100 words?


The only thing she could hear were the birds flying around her. They were all that was left. Her home, her family…gone.

She looked at what used to be her mother’s vegetable garden. Only a few of the plants remained, the rest had been stripped or trampled, just like everything else.

She was alone. Completely, and utterly alone.

What if she hadn’t gone off this morning? What if she’d been there with her family? Would it have made a difference?

No. It wouldn’t have changed the outcome.

Taking one last look, she stood, and walked back into the forest.


  1. Consumed with despair. I can feel her sadness tinged with a touch of guilt for going out. Great flash

  2. Only the strong and brave can stand up after loss like that, good for her. You put her through a lot ;) heart wrenching flash

  3. Beautifully written yet heart-wrenching scene

  4. The pain carries throughout. Sad but wonderfully written.

  5. How sad. You can definitely feel her despair. Great post!

  6. Oh such pain...So very wonderful in so little words. Great FFF>

  7. If she had stayed, she probably would have suffered the same fate as her family. Sad FFF, I hope she remains safe