Sunday, June 3, 2012

Lori Foster Event!

I just returned home from my first ever conference. After talking to several other people there, I'm really glad I chose this one to be my first. Everything was very relaxed and I was able to talk and meet a lot of readers, authors, blogger, and even some publicists.

I'm absolutely horrible about remembering to take pictures, but I did take some.

When we first arrived, they split us up into two lines for registration. Things went pretty quickly once they got into a rhythm, which was good because the line was long.

The first night I was there, I met a group of ladies who were part of an on-line book club. One of the ladies was a huge fan of Slave. She's from Alaska, and had traveled to Ohio specifically for the event.
Saturday I spent mostly in the main ballroom talking to people. I met two sisters. One is really new to reading romance, and her older sister dragged her to the conference. After telling her about my books, she bought Hidden threat and Behind Closed Doors since she loves romantic suspense.
Sunday morning I had breakfast with another group of ladies and ended up running into another fan of Slave. She said she loved it so much, that one of the other ladies with our group walked out to my vehicle with me before I left and bought a copy of Slave for herself.

It really was a great weekend. I had lots of fun, and met some great people. Hopefully I will be able to go again next year! :)


  1. You look so happy ,am glad to see you growing and learning more about you craft!! Enjoy..