Friday, July 20, 2012

Flash Fiction Friday - 7-20-12

Flash Fiction Friday is a writers challenge. What can you do with only 100 words?

She lay on her bed completely drenched in sweat. The night out with her friends had been amazing with the one exception, she’d had to come home. It was near one hundred degrees outside, and her air conditioning was broken. Her skin felt like it was on fire.

Gripping a new ice cube, she ran it up and down her neck, and down to the valley between her breast, letting the moisture pool. She closed her eyes, enjoying the cool feel.

“Need some help?”

She opened her eyes quickly, gaping at the man standing at the foot of her bed.


  1. Does she know him!?! Love the even flow of words, you totally set me up for the last line. Well done :)

  2. I was not ready for that twist with the last line. I wonder if she will warm to him or just what...? Wonderful..... beautifully crafted and paced teaser flash. Loved it:) xo

  3. Oh, who is it?! Things are about to get even hotter! Great tease. :)

  4. Fantastic Flasher! Is it getting even hotter in there?

  5. Great Flash. Just who is he? What does he want?