Friday, September 14, 2012

Flash Fiction Friday - 9-14-12

One picture.

One hundred words...

Today's picture is curtesy of

What a night.

After years of trying to make it as a dancer, she’d finally gotten to perform in front of an audience who’d paid to see her. Well not her exactly. They paid to see a show that included her and nine other dancers, but that was beside the point. She’d really made it.

She removed the sequined band from her head, and stretched out on the silky red sheets. Only one thing would make this night better.

Seconds after the thought crossed her mind, there was a knock at the door. Maybe she’d get her wish after all.

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S. J. Maylee:


  1. I'm so pleased she's making it as a dancer, but would love to know who's at the door. Excellently written flash

  2. Oh, I hope she gets what she wants. :)

  3. Lucky girl, things are all coming together for her. Your flash makes me happy.