Wednesday, October 10, 2012

It's Done!

Morning everyone. In case you missed my post last night, I finished writing Finding Anna Book 3, and sent it off to my publisher. I know everyone is excited about this next book, but sending the manuscript off to my publisher is only the first step in a very long process. Editing will begin soon, and that will take anywhere from 4 to 6 months. Then marketing will get their hands on it and ARCs will go out. FA3 is still set to release summer of 2013 at this point.

Now that FA3 is in the hands of my publisher, I am back to edits for the second book in my Daniels Brothers Series. If you haven't read the first one, Behind Closed Doors, I encourage you to do so. Those who have read it are already fighting over the brothers. I mean, who doesn't like 4 handsome and very available men?

The second book, Red Zone, is due out in February. I don't have a specific date yet, but I should soon. Red Zone features Gage Daniels, a professional football player, and his lady, Rebecca. My editors absolutely feel in love with Gage when they read this one, and I can't wait for al of you to as well. I will be revealing the cover on this one next month, so keep watching for that. It's very...yummy...if I do say so myself. :)

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  1. Congrats!!! on finishing Finding Anna 3… Truth, I can't wait!

    When in Need going to be on Audio?