Monday, February 3, 2014

Finding Anna Read-A-Long Begins Tomorrow

It's beginning to warm up here in Ohio, which is good. I have lots of work to do between  now and release day. It would help if every time I have to go into my study to do something I didn't freeze my tail off. LOL.

As usual, last week was a bit crazy. On the plus side, it was also extremely productive. The first round of edits for Crossing The Line has been sent back to my editor for review. Paul and Megan were as fun to write as Gage and Rebecca. I love these brothers and their ladies! If you haven't checked out my Daniels Brothers Series, I highly recommend it. The first two books are currently available. Crossing The Line is scheduled for release later this year.

Now, on to what I know you've all been craving...Finding Anna. 

Everything is a go for the March 20, 2014 release of Trust (Finding Anna, Book 4). Bloggers: If you are interested in participating in my blog tour, send an email to to get your name on the list.

Tomorrow we start the Finding Anna Read-A-Long. Throughout the month of February we'll be reading through the first three books in the series.

For those of you unsure of what a read-a-long is, think book club discussion. Tomorrow we'll be discussing the first 6 chapters of Slave (Finding Anna, Book 1). Stop by and tell us your first impressions of Stephan, Brianna, Ian, and all the Finding Anna characters. It should be a lot of fun, and I'm anxious to hear what fans of the series have to say.

Join us: Sherri Hayes Book Club

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