Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tuesday Teasers - Read and Share Excerpts

Welcome to Tuesday Teasers!

This is a weekly post giving authors the opportunity to share a 100 word excerpt from a published work, or a work in progress (WIP).

Just a few simple rules.

2. In the comments below:
- please list the title of the book
- your author name
- genre (This will help readers find excerpts from the books that would be of most interest to them.)
- a buy link
- and an excerpt (Please limit your excerpt to no more than 100 words). 

For example:

Behind Closed Doors (Daniels Brothers #1) by Sherri Hayes
Contemporary Romance

Pulling her loose, button-down shirt tighter around her, she got out of the car and went to the trunk. There wasn’t much to retrieve, just two bags. That was all her life consisted of now. All she had chosen to bring with her. The rest of her old life was either in storage, or had been donated to Goodwill. She didn’t need reminders. She had enough of those all on her own.

4.  Authors only 1 excerpt per week, please. 
5. Once you've posted your teaser, feel free to share on social media http://bit.ly/1u2bvUT.

1 comment:

  1. The Silver Crescent by Debby Grahl
    paranormal romance

    Max groaned deep in his throat as Elise tightened her arms around his neck. As their kiss deepened and their passion rose, Max ran his hand down the front of her buttoned shirt, sliding his open palm over her full breast, gently squeezing and caressing her through the fabric.

    Elise broke the kiss and gasped. “Max, we shouldn’t. This isn’t why we’re up here”

    ”He chuckled. “Do you want to interview me now?”


    He nibbled her earlobe. ”You can ask me what I like to do when I have a sexy woman beneath me in my bed.”