Friday, March 9, 2012

Flash Fiction Friday - 3-9-12

Flash Fiction Friday. What can you do with only 100 words?

He lay there looking out the window as he did many mornings. People would be coming out of their houses soon to walk their dogs, or go for a run, and so would she.

For over a year he’d been watching her, his beautiful neighbor. It wasn’t as if he hadn’t talked to her in that year, he had, but those conversations were restricted to pleasantries and the weather. He needed to make a move if he ever had a shot with her. Today, when she came home from walking her dog, he was going to ask her out, finally.  


  1. He should go for it! A year of wanting her must have him pent up beyond belief!

  2. Courage, you can do it!! Wonderful flash!

  3. That's very sweet and you should tell the world if she says yes!

  4. We were on the same wave in writing up this FFF! I loved it!

  5. Never know unless you try dude. You wasted a year? Get the fuck over there!
    Great post Sherri