Friday, January 18, 2013

Flash Fiction Friday - January 18, 2013

Picture coutesy of Freepicture.


He jumped out of his new car, and raced around the corner
before skidding to a stop when he saw the bright orange light coming from the
house not twenty yards in front of him. His heart pounded hard against his
chest as debated what to do. Glancing down at the phone in his hand, he saw his
fingers turning white from the pressure he was exhorting. Even if he called,
they wouldn’t be able to help. He knew that. It was too late. Too late for
anyone to help.

Glancing up, he felt tears run down his cheeks. Gone.

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  1. Oh, Sherri. I can feel his agony and I think my heart is bounding a little now too. Great Flash.

  2. Oh no! Why didn't he get there quicker? Great flasher excellently written!

  3. What happened to him? What a sad flash that nobody could help him. Great work.

  4. Ah, what terrible tragedy happened in that house on the hill that's too late for anyone to help? Then again, maybe it wasn't something gruesome at all. It could be something mundane, perhaps he was late for his own wedding. Whatever happened, Ms. Sherri you have certainly given your readers something to think about. Muwah!@