Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sweet Saturday Sample - February 2, 2013

Available February 7, 2013
Hansen drove, keeping pace with Daniels and trying to keep the smirk off his face.
“There is absolutely nothing amusing about this situation, Hansen.”
With that, he let the laugh he’d been holding in burst out. “Oh, I beg to differ. You pretending to be Mister Star Quarterback’s girlfriend is pretty funny. Do you even know who he is?”
“He’s a football player. What more is there to know?”
“Oh, man,” he said, continuing to laugh. “This is going to be interesting.”
Daniels pulled up in front of a gate and stopped, causing their conversation to come to an end. She could see a large house beyond and assumed this was his home. The gate was smart given someone was after him. Hopefully, he had security cameras installed as well. The cameras at the stadium were helpful, but they wouldn’t negate her always having to check under his vehicle before he got into it. The challenge was going to be doing so without his knowledge, since Donovan wanted to keep Daniels from knowing about the explosives. She didn’t agree with keeping something like that from the football player, but for the moment, she’d let Donovan call the shots.
They followed Daniels through the gate and up the curved driveway to his garage, where he parked the Explorer beside a vintage Mustang. He got out, not acknowledging them at all, before disappearing into the house. The only concession he made to their presence was to leave the garage door open.
Hansen’s chest was still rumbling with laughter when they both stepped out of their vehicle and followed him inside. “Keep it up, Hansen, and I’ll make sure your wife knows you’ve been cheating on your diet, because we both know you have.”
“You wouldn’t.”
She turned and gave him a big smile. “Try me.” 


  1. Nice excerpt. I'd like to know more about these interesting characters. Congratulations on the upcoming release.

  2. I'm really happy to have discovered your book and to follow your blog tour starting today. this excerpt just made me even more interested thank you!