Friday, March 1, 2013

Flash Fiction Friday - March 1, 2013

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The chains wound around her wrists held her arms securely in front of her. She couldn’t move them without feeling the tug of the metal. Not moving was probably a good idea though. The outfit he’d had her wear tonight didn’t exactly cover much. Every time she twisted, or changed positions in any way, she worried if someone was seeing something they shouldn’t.

It was what she’d wanted, however. Exhibitionism had always been a curiosity of hers, and tonight he was letting her explore it.

The sound of his boots alerted her to his presence. “Ready to go, my pet?”


  1. Ooh sexy flash. Where are they going I wonder, and what else will happen. Love it

  2. Nice one. I too am wondering what awaits her :-)

  3. I want the next 100 right now, Sherri. I'm hooked. I need to know where they're going.

  4. *shivers* oh wow, this got the goosebumps going. So sexy and to not know what will happen next, makes the heart thump louder. I like that he is letting her show off under his watchful gaze, and not let harm come to his pet. Hot post. :)