Thursday, September 5, 2013

Review of Once and Always by Grace Brannigan

Title: Once & Always
Author: Grace Brannigan
Rating: 3.5 Stars
Source: Amazon

A sweet and easy read.


Once and Always is the first book I’ve read by Grace Brannigan. I was looking for a cowboy read, and this one story fit the bill. Tyler and Anna have a history. They haven’t seen each other for six years, and over that time a lot has changed…for both of them.


I thought for the most part the author did a good job with the story. Tyler was easy to love from the beginning. He was easy to relate to, and there were times when he spoke that I was close to swooning.


Anna was a little more difficult. She had a lot of issues, and even more than Tyler sometimes, she didn’t seem to be able to let go of the past. It was frustrating.


Overall, I liked the book, and I will probably read more from this author in the future. There were a few editing issues, though nothing too major. My big pet peeve with the book was that there were a couple times when Anna was explaining something to Tyler, but because it was something that his character should have already known, it felt more as if the author was trying to force feed the information to the reader. I felt the author could have got her point across by either having Anna explain the information to someone not familiar with ranching, or she could have left it out altogether as I didn’t feel the terminology really added to the story.       


About the Author

I have been a writer of some variation most of my life. I enjoy writing contemporary romance and paranormal/time travel romance. I have previously written for Harlequin/Silhouette Romance.
I am a self styled artist and writer who enjoys creating the written word and working in various visual mediums.
I live in the scenic Catskill Mountains of New York.
My characters are quirky, independent and family oriented. Strong women dealing with every day life problems, always maintaining their style of integrity. Clearly imperfect, they are doing the best they can in a world that sometimes throws them curve balls.
Contemporary series is Women of Character, stand alone books set in today's world. Echoes from the Past, Once and Always, Heartstealer and Wishing on a Rodeo Moon.
Time travel series is Women of Strength Trilogy, paranormal time travels from modern times to the middle ages to eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Once Upon a Remembrance, Soulmates Through Time and Treasure So Rare.
Romantic Shorts series, approximately 100 pages, Two Babies, A Cowboy and Sara, and also Deception. I will be offering these stories in an additional format, utilizing the Open Dyslexic Typeface for those with dyslexia or reading difficulties.
In 2013 look for new series Faeries Lost, where the faerie world and the human world come together and sometimes collide, all in the name of love and relationships. Find Me, Whisper Me and Hear Me.
Come along for the ride.

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