Monday, October 14, 2013

Weekly Update - October 14, 2013

Wow. You all have blown me away by your responses to last Monday's post. There have been close to 100 entries so far. Keep them coming! I will be deciding on a winner Sunday, October 20th, and announcing it here on my blog next Monday, October 21st.

To enter, click here.

Hidden Threat

I've been busy lately working on edits for Hidden Threat. If you've missed my posts about it on Facebook, I'm going back through my very first published novel, Hidden Threat, and tweaking it a bit. A lot of people are asking me if they should wait to get it until I'm finished with the edits, and that's difficult for me to answer. The story itself isn't changing. I'm not adjusting plots, or removing sub-plots. What I'm doing is purely technical...fixing spelling errors, reworking sentences to make them flow better...that kind of thing.

I'm also finding that I liked to use a lot of disembodied language back then.

What is disembodied language? It's when you give an object the ability to do something it can't. For example, a hand can't snatch something from a table. The person the hand is attached to can, but the hand doesn't move independently.

To be perfectly honest, this is something that is very common in novels, romance novels especially, but I've been working hard to fix that aspect of my writing over the last year or so. I figure if I'm doing the work to go back through Hidden Threat, I might as well do it right while I'm at it.

Up Coming Events

The other thing topping my 'to-do' list recently is my two upcoming trips to Texas. I leave in 9 days for Austin, and then about two weeks after that I'm heading to Dallas. It's going to be a busy time for me, but I'm looking forward to meeting readers, both old and new. If you missed the information on my upcoming events, I've posted it below.

  • Friday, October 25th - 1205 Round Rock Ave. #119, Round Rock, TX 78681
Authors introduce themselves and their books at 5:30
 Meet and greet with a side of cocktails from 6:00-7:00

  • October 26-27 - State Capital - Austin, TX
My publisher, TWCS, will be at the Texas Book Festival again this year, and I will be there with them. This year's festival is October 26th and 27th.

We will be in the same spot as last year.  Booth 420-421

The following TWCS authors will be in attendance this year. 

K.B. Hoyle
Lorenz Font
Lissa Bryan
Sherri Hayes
Alexandra Allred
Micheal Schneider
Sandi Layne
Tara Ellison
T.M. Franklin
Gene Doucette

  • November 8-11 - Hilton Garden Inn - Allen, TX
I will be attending this year's Readers and Ritas in Allen, TX November 8th - 11th.

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