Monday, January 20, 2014

Finding Anna Read-A-Long With Author Sherri Hayes

Do you love my Finding Anna Series?

In anticipation for the 4th, and final, book's release on March 20, 2014 I'm hosting a read-a-long on in my book club on Facebook. The reading schedule is below.

Feb 4th: Chapters 1-6
Feb 6th: Chapters 7-12
Feb 8th: Chapters 13-20
Feb 11th: Chapters 21-26

Feb 13th: Chapters 1-8
Feb 15th: Chapters 9-16
Feb 18th: Chapters 17-Epilogue

Feb 20th: Chapters 1-8
Feb 22nd: Chapters 9-16
Feb 25th: Chapters 17-24
Feb 27th: Chapters 25-32

Join the Sherri Hayes Book Club to participate in the discussion. 

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