Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Tuesday Teasers - Read/Share Excerpts

Welcome to Tuesday Teasers!

I'm hoping to make this a weekly post giving authors the opportunity to share a 100 word excerpt from a published work, or a work in progress (WIP).

Just a few simple rules.

1. Go to your blog and post an excerpt (Please limit your excerpt to no more than 100 words).
2. In the comments below, post a link to the excerpt on your blog.
 3. At the beginning of your comment, please list the title of the book, your author name, genre, and a buy link. (This will help readers find excerpts from the books that would be of most interest to them.) For example:

Slave (Finding Anna, Book 1) by Sherri Hayes
BDSM/Romance/New Adult

Brianna was quiet the entire ride home, and I wondered what she was thinking. I caught her clamping her lips together a few times, which told me she wasn't just passively watching buildings go by.

When we arrived back at the condo, I went upstairs and let her know she was free to do as she wished until it was time to make dinner. As I logged onto my e-mail, I could hear her moving around downstairs and wondered what she was doing with her time. My mind seemed to be on little else these days.

4.  Authors only 1 excerpt per week, please. 
5. At the end of your blog post, please include "Check out more Tuesday Teasers at http://sherri-hayes.blogspot.com/2014/06/tuesday-teasers-readshare-excerpts.html."


  1. Holiday Cure for the Cursed by Lindsey Gray
    Contemporary Holiday Romance

    Excerpt on my blog: http://lindsey-gray.blogspot.com/2014/06/tuesday-teaser-holiday-cure-for-cursed.html?zx=91f56609d4ee9770

  2. Soldier On by Sydney Logan
    Military Romance/New Adult
    Buy links available June 20.