Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Best Thing About Being A Writer

Unlike many writers I've met, I'm not an introvert. While I have no problem sitting by myself in front of a computer for hours on end, in general I'm a very social person. For me, one of the best things about being a writer is getting to meet my readers. I've been to several conferences over the last few years and there is nothing better than coming face to face with someone who has read you.

This past year at one conference I ran into Dee Davis. We'd both just finished signing and were gathering our things to take back up to our rooms. When I saw her name tag, I stopped her and said,

"I've read you." 

She smiled and responded, "That never gets old."

She's right. It doesn't ever get old. Knowing that there are people out there who've read your words and enjoyed them is a satisfying feeling.

Second to that is holding my book in my hand for the first time. Seeing ones words on a page is a rush that is hard to explain to someone who hasn't published a book. It's thrilling and humbling at the same time.

What about you? Are you a writer? What's your favorite part about being a writer?

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