Friday, January 8, 2021

What I'm Currently Reading #FridayReads

Next on my TBR list is a book I've been wanting to read for the last ten years. I was bummed when Stephenie Meyer decided not to publish Midnight Sun all those years ago after someone leaked her draft to the public, but as an author I understood. The betrayal she must have felt had to be tremendous. 


My joy over this book finally being published is not only because I can't wait to read Twilight from Edward's point of view, but also because Twilight is what ultimately led me to publishing my first novel. After reading the Twilight series, I, like other fans, wanted more, so I began writing Twilight fan fiction. And it was that Twilight fan fiction that got me noticed by a small publisher. Without that, who knows if I'd have ever become a published author.


Have you read Midnight Sun and if not, do you plan to read it?

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