Wednesday, January 27, 2021

How A Prison Break Changed Everything - My Publishing Journey Part 2

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I hear a lot of authors talk about how they've wanted to be a writer all their lives. With how much I struggled with spelling, I never thought that was even an option for me. While I got high marks on my creative writing papers in high school for the story, I'd always get marked down for grammar and spelling. Because of that, I was reluctant to write any type of story and publish it for the world to see.


So what changed?


In 2005 my husband and I began watching a television show called Prison Break.It had everything we liked in a show. There was action with lots of twists and turns and for me there was the budding romance between the main character, Michael, and the prison doctor, Sara.


Everything was going great until at the end of the second season the writers went on strike. Fans of the show, including me and my husband, were eager to get back to the story. The problem was, by the time it was announced that the writers strike was over and people were getting back to work, something happened...


The actress that played Sara got pregnant.


For most shows this wouldn't be a big deal. Shows work around pregnancies all the time. Sometimes they hide it with props and camera angles. Other times they work the pregnancy into the story line of the show.


Neither happened in this case. Instead, the show writers decided to kill off her character.


Fans of the romance between Michael and Sara were upset and fan fiction featuring the couple started popping up on fan sites all over the internet. After everything these two had been through, they deserved their happily ever after.


I read several of these fan fiction stories, but none of them felt exactly right to me. So after some encouragement from some online friends, I took the plunge and wrote my very first fan fiction story, Moving Forward.


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