Wednesday, January 20, 2021

You're Never Going To Pass The Second Grade - My Publishing Journey Part 1

After ten years, I've learned that my publishing journey is anything but typical. I never set out to become a published author. Who knew that ten years later I would have thirteen published novels, a novella, and three novelettes under my belt.


In a way, my publishing journey started way back in the second grade. I was seven years old and only two weeks into the school year. While overall I was a good student, there was one subject where I had trouble...spelling.


I couldn't spell to save my life. Really. I'm not exaggerating. Even simple words like 'how' and 'who' would cause me pause. Phonics didn't make sense to me and in many ways it was as if I were learning a foreign language. I could speak the words fine, and I was even reading above my grade level. But for some reason, when it came to spelling the words, my brain went on the fritz. 


Because of this, my new teacher called my parent in for a conference. She sat them down and told them that my spelling was so bad she didn't know if I would pass the second grade. My parent's were rightly concerned and began trying to find a way to help me get better at spelling.


I ran into that teacher a few years ago and shared that I was now a published author. Her astonishment was clear on her face. Never did she imagine that the little girl who couldn't spell the simplest of words would go on to write books for a living.


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