Wednesday, November 30, 2011

While I wait

The first round of edits for Behind Closed Doors are back in the hands of my editor. Chris and Elizabeth's story is almost completed, and as with every story I write, it is always bitter sweet saying goodbye to characters once their story has been told. The positive side is that we will see them again in future books. Chris has three brothers, and I will be writing a novel featuring each of them and their lady loves. So even though Chris and Elizabeth will not be the focus, it's not a complete goodbye.

While I wait for the second round of edits to hit my desk, I thought I'd jump back into Finding Anna. It's been great reading over my draft again, but it is somewhat strange to be back inside Stephan and Brianna's heads again. They are so different than Chris and Elizabeth's.

So far, I've only gone over two chapters, but the excitement is building. I want to get back to telling their story and seeing what I will uncover next. As an author, one of the great parts about writing is seeing the story unfold before you. I'm not the type of person who writes everything out in an outline before I sit down to write, so sometimes I am just as surprised as the reader about what comes out in the story. It keeps me  on my toes and opens many possible twists and turns for the characters.

One of the chapters I worked on this week introduces a new character to the mix. It will be interesting to see what they add to the story as it goes along.


  1. I still have your books on my to read list. just finishing up jd's and just got slapped with a bunch of "legal issues" with BROKER. I mean come on, my heroine is Parris Hilton wealthy. Why wouldn't Ozzy Osbourne be at her brother's wedding if invited? LOL
    TTFN, kg

  2. Had "insurance" issues with mine. Thankfully we got those sorted pretty quickly and early on.