Sunday, August 11, 2013

RNC: Day 4

My last full day here in Las Vegas.

It's hard to believe. The time went quickly.

Day 4, Saturday, was the consumer book fair. The first part of the week was dedicated to classes and socializing with other conference attendees. Saturday was all about connecting with, and meeting, new readers.

The Set Up

After breakfast, I headed upstairs to where our books were being stored, and not only found my books, but also to find out where my table would be for the book fair itself.

When I found my books, I got a rather unpleasant surprise. The box of books that I'd sent via the post office had apparently busted opened, and the books had fallen out. They'd shoved most of the books back into the box and not well.

Some of the books were damaged, and at first I thought they'd lost 9 copies of Red Zone. Thankfully I did find them in another box.

The Book Fair

Finally having all my books, I set up my table, laid everything out, and got ready to meet potential readers.

Overall it was a good day. I not only sold some books to new readers, one of which bought Slave, Need, and Truth.

I was also able to meet Brandee, a blogger, who's been a fan for a couple of years now.

After the fair ended, and my books returned to my room, I joined 4 other ladies for dinner. It was a great time, and I've started friendships that will hopefully last many years to come.

Sunday I fly back home to Ohio. It's been a great trip to Las Vegas, but I'm ready to see my husband and cats again.

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