Monday, August 5, 2013

Weekly Update - August 5, 2013

Time seems to be getting away from me today.

I leave for RNC in Las Vegas, NV in less than 48 hours, so things are a bit hectic right now. To my knowledge, you can still register for the convention if you're interested in attending. There will also be a book fair that is open to the public on Saturday. Click here for more details.

There is lots going on with me as usual. I worked on Chapters 4 and 5 of Paul's story this week. His book is now sitting at over 10K. Yay! A lot more to go, but at least it's moving in the right direction. My biggest issue with this story is going to be dealing with his job and weaving that plot into everything. I've never written a story with a serial killer before, so it should be interesting.

The Truth blog tour is still going strong, and the reviews are pouring in. If you haven't had the chance to read Truth yet, you are missing out.

**WARNING** The Finding Anna series may cause emotional outbursts of shock, anger or giddy joy and happiness. ~Shanean, Amazon 3 was even better than the first two..the worst part about it is now I have to wait until spring for book 4!!! Good job Sherri Hayes!! ~Kelly, Amazon

I can't wait for that sequel. Sherri Hayes has a great story here.
~Christine, Amazon

The SUBCLUB. Review of Truth. “If you have yet to read the Finding Anna Series by Sherri Hayes you are missing out.  It is a beautiful story about love loyalty redemption and strenght.  It is about a women who suffers untold horrors and yet comes out into the light.  I personally love this series and recommend it.  “Truth” is just as memorable and emotionally driven as the previous books in the series.  I give “Truth” 5 Stars”

Tattooed Book Reviews. Review of Truth. “It’s sensual and kind, complicated and dark, warm and safe. This is a book of contradictions: can this strict Dom really be the one to continue to heal this broken young woman, and give her everything she needs and deserves, including the truth?”

Aripi pentru a visa. Review and Guest Post. When you are writing the two different points of view, which character flows more naturally? Which one "talks" to you more.  Since Stephan is the Dominate, does he take over in the writing too?

Reader’s Confession. Review and Guest Post. How do you get into the mindset of writing such emotionally draining topics?

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