Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Author Interview - NJ Cole

NJ Cole is a witty, mid-western girl with a kinky side. She works by
day and writes by night, all while being a mother to her wonderful boys and
serving her Sir. Unlike many of today’s authors, she chooses to write in first
person, allowing the readers to experience life through the eyes of the unique
characters that live in her head. Her love of those characters and respect for
their stories come through loud and clear in her writing. With over two million
reads of her online work in the past six months, NJ Cole is clearly an up and
coming author.

1.       Have you always wanted to be a writer? How did you get started writing romance?
No, I really never thought I’d be a writer. I’m not sure I am really going to be one. I couldn’t find enough stories like I wanted to read, so I wrote one J

2.       Tell us about your writing process. Do you outline, or are you more of a seat of your pants type of a writer? 
I simply listen to the voices in my head. I watch the movie that they make, and then write down what I saw.

3.       Are there any romance novel cliché that make you cringe when you read them?
Nope. I say, write it if you want. Every story has been done, every line said. It’s like music. There are only a few notes, but all of those songs. It’s how we put it all together that counts.

4.       What is the hardest scene you’ve had to write, and what made it so difficult?
Sometimes when I write from the villain’s point of view, it’s hard to let him speak in my head. He ends up consuming me.

5.       Which of your heroines would you say is most like you, and why?
My husband, my Sir, calls me butterfly, which is the pet name of the main character in Midnight Caller.

6.       What are you working on now?
I am writing Midnight Eternal, the sequel to Midnight Caller.


Rebecca Summers enjoys pleasing herself with the curtains open. That is, until a mysterious man calls to tell her that he is watching. Her fantasy becomes reality as she begins to perform for this stranger, following his instructions over the phone while he watches from afar. Rebecca’s world is turned upside down when finally they meet and she enters into a D/s relationship with her Midnight Caller.


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