Monday, May 20, 2013

Weekly Update - May 20, 2013

I missed my weekly update again last week. My apologies. I've been so focused on writing Finding Anna, Book 4 that everything else has taken a back seat.

Speaking of writing, things have been going well for the past two weeks. I've made huge progress on my WIP. Still no idea if I'll have it finished by my June 1st deadline, but I'm doing my best. Finding Anna, Book 4 is now up to 89K, and growing every day. I have no idea how long this one will be, but I do know it will be my longest book to date. Truth, due out July 25th, finished up at 98K. This one will surpass that easily.

As I mentioned, Truth (Finding Anna, Book 3) will be out July 25th - that's 66 days from today. I can't wait. I'm so proud of this one. :)

I spent last Saturday at the Ohioana Book Festival. The event gets bigger every year, which is great. One day I'm hoping that all readers in Ohio are made aware of this event and take the opportunity to partake. There ended up being over 100 authors this year with books that ranged from a military history to a book on breakfast cereals, to all manner of fiction from children's picture books to steamy romance. If you haven't been, and you're in Ohio, you should mark your calendars for next year. The book festival is always the second Saturday in May, and its FREE to attend.
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