Saturday, May 4, 2013

Sweet Sample Saturday - May 4, 2013


Jason could not believe what he was seeing. The fact that Matthew even wanted to come to a club was strange enough, but now he was beginning to think there was something seriously wrong with his brother. The woman with whom he was currently dancing is making her intentions very clear. Her hands were in constant motion, as was her body. Every inch of her from her hips to her shoulders, was in constant contact with him.

Matthew’s normal reaction would have been to politely hold the girl away from him and try to continue to dance. Instead, he did nothing to stop her obvious attentions. His brother’s hands had moved to her back, and his face was buried in her hair. What was going on?

Jason continued to watch as the couple moved. They turned a bit, and he caught sight of Matthew’s face. It was not what he'd been expecting. His little brother wore the same face he did when they were up against a problem they couldn't solve. Jason had always thought of it as Matthew’s “determined” face.

With this new piece of information, Jason reassessed his brother’s body language as the two continued to turn. Matthew’s hands were on her back, but they were still. Holding her to him but not increasing the friction. His shoulder wasn't relaxed; in fact, Jason thought they almost looked stiff.

He was still contemplating what, if anything, it had to do with the information he'd just obtained when someone tapped him on the shoulder. He turned to find a beautiful blonde whose address left nothing to the imagination. "Buy me a drink?" she asked in a sultry voice.

This was Jason's favorite club, but he hadn't been here without Lisa since they’d started seeing each other. He'd forgotten how often he got hit on. "Not interested."

She pouted and then leaned in. "I promise it will be worth it."

Jason felt his body react. He couldn't help it. He was a man after all.
Before his body told him to do something he knew he shouldn't, he pushed off the stool and walked toward the dance floor. He was getting his brother, and they were getting out of here. Jason had no idea what was up with Matthew, but whatever it was, this was not going to solve it, of that he was su


  1. Interesting. What's up with Matthew?

  2. Nice tension-filled scene. Something is going on. I like the way Jason is reacting but thinking with his brain, instead of another part of his anatomy. And what is up with Matthew? Great scene, you've pulled me right into the story.

  3. Interesting what's going on between the girl and Matthew