Thursday, February 4, 2021

All It Takes Is A Little Perspective - My Publishing Journey Part 3

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Right around the time I finished my first fan fiction story, Moving Forward, I was introduced to the Twilight series. As many others, I fell in love with Bella and Edward's story. 


I've always had a soft spot for vampires in fiction and I'm a die hard romantic, so their story was a perfect fit for me. My one big complaint,  however, was the wedding night. Fans had waited and waited and waited for Edward and Bella's first time together only to be left with a fade to black that was incredibly underwhelming. 


So, like before, I decided to create a fix of my own and began writing my second fan fiction. The story is told entirely in Edward's point of view and covers the weeks up to the wedding where Edward and Bella are 'practicing' and ends with the wedding night itself...and this time it doesn't fade to black!


Perspective let me flex my creative muscles even more than my first foray into fan fiction because of the complexity of Edward's character. It was one of the things that drew me to him in the Twilight Saga and I wanted to do him and Bella justice.  


From there I continued writing Twilight fan fiction, including one called Finding Bella...

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