Monday, February 1, 2021

My Review Of Midnight Sun By Stephenie Meyer

This has been one of my most anticipated reads for a while. I read the draft years ago that the author posted online after it was leaked and couldn't wait to read more.


Midnight Sun didn't disappoint. I loved every minute of reading Edward's POV. It gave a lot of insight into some things that were hinted at but not fully explored in Twilight.


I teared up twice while reading, but the biggest surprise for me was a conversation between Edward and Rose. The author did such a great job in expressing Edward's pain, both the current pain and what he perceived was to come.


The most surprising part of the story, though, was not Bella or Edward. It was Jasper. While reading Twilight, and even the rest of the series, I was rather indifferent toward Jasper. Even with what we learned about him in Eclipse, I wasn't overly moved one way or the other. In Midnight Sun, my entire perspective changed. 


If you were team Edward, then this is a must read book.


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