Friday, February 19, 2021

What I'm Currently Reading - #FridayReads

 What are you currently reading?


This weekend, I'm reading the third book in Serenity Woods' Billionaire Kings series. We met Albie and Remy in the previous two books. Albie is in charge of the IT department at The Ark animal sanctuary and Remy is in New Zealand on a work visa. There's been a hint of something between these two since the first book in the series: My Best Friend, the Billionaire. I can't wait to see how their story unfolds!


Never fall in love with your roommate…

I am not going to fall in love with Albie King.
That was the first thought that passed through my mind when I met my new landlord.
For four months, I’ve managed to keep my distance.
Lord knows, I don’t need another rich playboy to break my heart.
One was enough for any girl.
But Fate, it seems, has other ideas.
First, I find out what Albie does at the weekends, and I lose one quarter of my heart.
Then, I discover what happened to the dogs he loved, and the quarter becomes a half.
Next, I watch him be a hero when the storm hits the Ark, and the half turns into three quarters.
And finally, I see how much he loves his family when disaster strikes.
I’m only in New Zealand for another three weeks. After that I’m going home to France. There’s no point in starting anything. But now he’s captured the whole of my heart, and he doesn’t seem keen on giving it back.
So I kiss him. Then he kisses me.
You can guess what happens next.
Mon Dieu. I’m really in trouble.

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