Saturday, February 13, 2021

What I'm Currently Reading - My Boss, The Billionaire


Serenity Woods is one of my favorite authors. Her stories always pull me in and have me rooting for the couple to get together. 


This is the second book in her Billionaire Kings series, which is about three cousins who run an animal sanctuary called The Ark. This is a sexy office romance and I can't wait to dive in!


Never fall in love with your boss…

I’ve worked for Leon for two years now.
Which means I’ve been in love with Leon for about, oh, 730 days, give or take.
He’s tall, gorgeous, hardworking, and strict. Most of the staff at Noah’s Ark are scared of him. But I can handle the Lion King, as I like to call him.
I’m his PA. I book his dental appointments, pick up his dry cleaning, keep his diary, walk his dogs, and organize his accounts.
I know him as well as a wife would, although unfortunately without the added benefits that role would bring.
I’d tell him how I feel, but he’s made it quite clear he’s against relationships at work, so I know it’s never going to happen unless I leave the Ark, and I love my job.
Then, on the day the Prime Minister’s supposed to arrive at the Ark, his crazy dog knocks me over and gives me a concussion.
And, as if I’m Snow White needing to be awoken from her slumber, Leon kisses me.
Crap. Now we’re in trouble.
How on earth do you un-forget being kissed by your handsome prince?


If you'd like to read Leon and Nix's story, click on the click below to get your copy. This book is in Kindle Unlimited.


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