Monday, January 9, 2012

Tuesday Tales - #1

Last week I was invited to participate in a group called Tuesday Tales. Each participating member posts a story or part of a story to their blogs. The post can be as long or as sort as the person wants. It can be any genre, any 'heat level'. The only catch is that the blogger must incorporate the 'prompt word' for the week into their post. Each week it's something different.

The first 2-3 sentences are posted to the main blog site with links to all the participating blog stories. If you see something you like, click on it!

I've decided to experiment a little. I'll be posting this story a little at a time depending on the weekly word prompt and the amount of time I have each week. This is going to be a BDSM story, and will eventually involve both sexual and psychological play.

Here is part one. I hope you enjoy.

~ ~ ~

                Drew Parker had finally drummed up the nerve to come here by himself last month. The thought of him walking into a kink club period had made him anxious. The thought of going there alone terrified him.
                In the end, however, he’d done it. He’d made that leap into the unknown. The only comfort was that he’d been to a few local munches and befriended another male submissive. John had a Mistress, Allison. She was nice, and had even offered to play with Drew at the club if he wanted. He just wasn’t sure he was ready for that step yet. Right now, he was content to watch.  This was all so new to him.
                 Tonight was a pretty typical night. The main room was scattered with people talking and sipping on drinks, most of which were nonalcoholic. Submissives were in various states of undress. Some were on leashes kneeling on the floor next to their Masters. Others were sitting beside or on top of their Master or Mistress’s laps.
                There was very little play that occurred in the main room. Occasionally a spanking would occur or some other light impact play, but anything other than that tended to take place upstairs. Drew had walked back there a few weeks ago to take a look around. He’d seen most of the equipment before on-line and knew what it was used for. Some of it appealed to him. Some of it didn’t.
Although he had the desire to submit to a Mistress, he wasn’t looking for just the physical. Maybe that sounded cheesy, but he’d done the whole sex only thing in the vanilla world. There was physical gratification, yes, but he’d never truly felt connected to a woman before. He knew part of that was his desire to give up control to his partner, but he was twenty-eight and at this point he wanted someone he could share more than just sex.
He knew it was going to be an uphill battle. Male subs were utterly outnumbered when it came to female dominants. But as his friend John had reminded him multiple times, if he didn’t put himself out there, he’d never find her.
Drew watched as John sat at his Mistresses feet with his head in her lap. It wasn’t demeaning in any way. It was affectionate, and I wanted that.
“Get me a drink, my boy,” Mistress Allison instructed Drew.
He was quick to his feet. “What would you like, Mistress?”
She rattled off something, but Drew’s attention had shifted to the door. He vaguely registered John leaving the area, but that was where his acknowledgement stopped. Standing just inside the door, removing a wrap from her shoulders to keep out the evening chill was one of the most beautiful women he’d ever seen. She wasn’t tall, but the black heels she wore added a good three to four inches to her stature. Her long hair was pulled up into a high pony tail and looked almost black. The black corset and jeans she wore accented her curves to the point where Drew was afraid he may be drooling. 
The woman walked with confidence over to the bar and ordered a drink. She chatted with the bartender, and he seemed to know her even though Drew knew he’d not seen her at the club since he’d been coming. His eyes followed her as she walked to a booth across the room and sat down with another group of people similar to the one he was with.
Suddenly John sat down next to him on the couch having returned with his Mistress’s drink. “I wouldn’t get your hopes up.”
“What?” Drew asked, reluctantly pulling his gaze away from the beautiful Domme.
“Don’t what me. You are staring at Lady Beth.”
Then what  he said registered. “What do you mean I shouldn’t get  my hopes up? She is a Domme right?”
“Oh yes, definitely a Domme.”
“She doesn’t like male subs?”
“Yes,” he said, drawing out the word.
Drew sighed, frustrated. “Then what’s the issue?”
He lowered his voice so no one around us could hear what he was saying, although Drew doubted that John would tell him anything ninety percent of the club didn’t already know.  One of the things he learned quickly was that word traveled fast in this small community, especially if it was something bad. “She used to come here with her sub all the time. They’d been together for years from what I heard, before Mistress and I started getting involved in local events. Then, three months ago, they both suddenly stopped coming. They’d been regulars at the club, at munches, play parties, and then…nothing.”
“What happened,” Drew asked, intrigued.
“He traveled a lot for his business. Sometimes he was out of town for weeks at a time going to all sorts of places. Apparently, his trips weren’t business related, at least not completely. Lady Beth found out he had a wife and daughter in Florida, and they’d been married for five years.”
“That’s insane. It’s like something you hear on T.V. or something.”
“I know. He and Lady Beth had been together for almost three years. He’d lied to her all that time.”
Drew’s gaze drifted back to Lady Beth. He couldn’t imagine what it would have been like for her.
“I don’t know if she’s ready to dive back into a relationship, man, and I know that’s what you want.”
It was true. Drew did want a relationship, but he was willing to work at it. One step at a time, right? So the first thing he had to do was find a way to introduce himself.


  1. Nicely done, Sherri. You sucked me right into the story. Now I'm ticked I have to wait a week for the next installment. I'm hoping Drew will win her over and am looking forward to watching it happen.

  2. Oh, glad to hear I get more next week! Go for it, Drew! Take a chance!

    Good job, Sherri!


  3. Welcome to TT. You packed plenty of atmosphere and emotion into this week's offering.