Sunday, January 1, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday - January 1, 2012

A new year, and a new book for Six Sentence Sunday. Today's six sentences come from my upcoming novel Behind Closed Doors due out February 9th, 2012.

She backed toward the stairs without thinking. It was then that he noticed her, appraising her from head to foot, and his scrutiny made her uncomfortable. Even though she was completely clothed, she felt the need to cover herself.

He was huge, taller than Jared or her father. His hair was a dark brown, only a shade darker than his eyes, and he looked dangerous, more dangerous than her husband, and her frightened expression must have been apparent. She closed her eyes tight, willing everything to go away: her memories, her fear, this man before her.

Paperbacks are now available for pre-order. Ebooks will be available for download beginning February 9th.


Elizabeth Marshall spent the last nine years doing all the things she was supposed to do. She went to a good college. Married a man with a promising future. Elizabeth even had a nice house in a respectable part of town. There was even the promise of 2.4 kids in her future. From the outside everything looked picture perfect.

Then one night, the world she lived in came crashing down. Six months later with her husband dead and her friends gone, Elizabeth moves to the small town of Springfield, Ohio to start a new life where no one knows who she is or about her past.

Christopher Daniels enjoys the simplicity of his bachelor life. After his divorce three years ago, he swore off women. He has no desire to change that philosophy.

When Elizabeth Marshall moves into the apartment below his in the small Victorian house, she makes him reconsider the motto he’s lived by for the last three years: women are trouble. She is everything his ex-wife is not, and it doesn’t help that she is his wet dream come to life.

He is determined to resist her charms; however, when someone sends threatening messages to Elizabeth, he finds himself in the role of protector. Can he protect Elizabeth and still resist the pull she has on his body and his heart?


  1. Aww. Poor girl, my heart just breaks for her. Congrats on the upcoming release!

  2. I assume the "dangerous" man is the hero? I'm a sucker for a hero who looks dangerous. Like the concept of the book, adding it to my TBR list.

  3. Powerful six Sherri, it really drew me in, congrats on the release!

  4. Shiver. I'm with Cara on the dangerous looking heroes. Sounds great.

  5. Great Six, Sherri. I join in the congratulations for the new release, this one sounds sizzlin'. Happy New Year ;-)

  6. Great six! The immediately drew me in and I wanted to know more about her past and the man who has scared her so much.

  7. You have teh makings of a very tense story. This was a great hook for your 6. Well done.