Monday, January 16, 2012

Tuesday Tales #2

I'm back this week again for another Tuesday Tales. If you missed last week's post and the start of this 'tale', click here to see what you missed.

Beth Davenport tried not to focus on all the eyes staring at her when she walked into the club. It had been three months since she’d stepped foot here. She knew there would be stares and whispers. Her best friend and fellow Domme, Nicole, had warned her about the rumors floating around. They were surprisingly accurate as far as rumors go except no one knew how she’d come to find out about Ben’s lies. Only Nicole knew the truth, and she wanted to keep it that way.

                Domme or not, finding out a large portion of the life you’d been living for the last three years was a lie left Beth broken in a lot of ways. She wasn’t even sure why she was here tonight other than Nicole’s hounding over the last two weeks. Putting herself back out into the dating world was the last thing she wanted right now. The thought of trusting someone again wasn’t something she was ready for, but Nicole had convinced her that she needed to get out and mingle with her friends, people who shared her same interest.

                So here she was, sitting with Nicole and a group of their friends. Beth was the only Dominant in their group without a sub. It was slightly awkward, but she tried to ignore it and have a good time. Nicole was right, Beth had missed her friends, and she wasn’t going to let what Ben did tarnish that.

                “I think you have an admirer,” Nicole whispered in her ear, jarring her from her thoughts.


                “There’s a guy across the room who’s been staring nearly nonstop for the last fifteen minutes. I’d say he’s interested.”

                Beth didn’t even bother to look. “I’m not.”

                “Oh come on. He looks yummy, and I happen to know he’s a sub.”

                “That doesn’t change anything. I’m not ready to get back into the dating pool again,” she said, shaking her head.

                “Well you don’t have to date him, you know,” she said teasingly.

                “I’m not into playing with random subs and you know it. And even if I was, I don’t think I could do even that after everything.”

                She frowned. “You have to get back on the horse sometime.”

                Beth sighed in defeat. “I know. Maybe in a month or so…”

                Nicole’s hand on her arm stopped her mid-sentence. “I don’t think he’s going to wait a month or so. He’s coming over.”

                “What do you mean he’s coming over? Here?”  Nicole nodded, and turned back to their group, effectively leaving her to fend for herself.

                Beth took a deep breath and prepared for whatever this guy was going to try and sell her. But he surprised her. Instead of coming over and trying to sweet-talk her, he sat down a couple of feet away and said nothing.

                She decided to ignore him and turned back to focus on her friends’ conversation. Ignoring him turned out to be more difficult that she’d originally thought. Although he didn’t attempt to engage her in conversation, she felt his presence beside her. Even with her eyes purposely averted, she knew he wasn’t a small man. She’d seen enough to know he was tall and nicely proportioned.

                But no matter how much she inwardly acknowledged is presence, she outwardly ignored him. That was until she finished off her drink. As she was getting ready to stand and go get a refill, he moved first. “May I, ma’am?”

                Her eyes rose to look at him for the first time and she felt the moisture dry in her throat. Cute did not begin to describe the man sitting beside her. He was tall and lean, but she wouldn’t call him lanky with his broad shoulders and muscled arms. His hair was a light brown and he was clean shaven, but it was his eyes that drew her in; they were the most amazing baby blue.

                “May I get you a refill on your drink, ma’am?” he asked again.”

                “Y…yes,” she stuttered. Then catching herself, she spoke again more confidently. “Yes, you may.”

                His hand extended, waiting for the glass. Beth handed it to him trying to keep her composure. “What would you like?”

                “The bartender knows,” she said, trying to get him away from her as quickly as possible before she did something stupid. Submissive males bought Femdoms drinks all the time at the club. It wasn’t unusual, but her stomach still did flip flops as she watched him walk away from her.

                He came back a few minutes later and handed her a small glass with half coke and half sprite. She rarely drank, and never at the club. Whenever she came here, she was either playing with Ben or she was alone where she’d have to drive home. Either way, she didn’t drink.

                After taking the glass from him, she turned back to her friends. Nicole had a smirk on her face that Beth desperately wished she could wipe off. Maybe she could borrow one of the club’s floggers.

                Unfortunately, for the next hour, the man continued to sit beside her in silence as she chatted with her friends and was brought up to date on what was going on in their lives. He was making her uneasy. Every one of her nerve endings seemed to be aware of him. She didn’t like it.

                Finally, she couldn’t take it any longer and turned to face him. “What’s your name?” she demanded.

                “Drew. Drew Parker.”

                “Well, Drew Parker, I don’t know what you’re looking for, but let me spell out exactly what I’m not looking for. I’m not looking for a submissive and I don’t play with random partners.”

                “I understand.”

                She quirked an eyebrow. “You understand?”

                “Yes, ma’am.”

                “So if you know I’m not looking for a relationship or a play partner then why are you sitting here?”

                “I’d like to get to know you if you’re agreeable. “

                “You want to be friends?”

                “Yes, ma’am”


                He shrugged. “You seem interesting.”

                Beth gave him a hard look trying to decide if he was telling the truth or not. “Do you have a Mistress?”

                “No, ma’am. I’m pretty new to the lifestyle.”

                “How new?”

                “A couple months.”

                “Have you ever played with a Domme before?” Why she was asking was beyond her. It wasn’t like she ever planned on playing with him.

                “No, ma’am.”

                Again, she had no idea why she was pressing for information, but the questions just kept coming. “No vanilla girl out there for you?”

                “I’ve tried vanilla relationships and they don’t work for me. I want a woman to take control.”

                The image of him tied to a bench completely at her mercy flashed in her mind before she squashed it. No. She would not go down that path.

 If he wanted to be friends, she could try she supposed. But no seeing him outside of the club or at munches. This would have to be a lifestyle friendship only. If he had questions about the lifestyle or help in finding a Domme, she could maybe give him advice. That was it though. She wasn’t ready to get tangled up in another web of emotional attachment.

Taking a deep breath, she held out her hand. “I’m Lady Beth,” she said, formally introducing herself.

“It’s nice to meet you Lady Beth.”

I'm hoping to be back next week for another installment of this story, but no promises. I'm working under a deadline for my July release of the second book in my Finding Anna series, Need. It will depend on how far I am in that story next Monday if I get to post my Tuesday Tales next week.

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  1. Well I personally hope that you are able to continue with this story because I'm really liking it. :)

    **toasts you with her glass of plain old water**

  2. Best wishes with your new story, and I, too, hope you won't be too long coming back.

  3. So love the way Drew got around Beth's objections! Great story unfolding. I love it when they become friends first. Beautifully done, Sherri. The writing is excellent and I can't wait to find out what happens next.

  4. um....yeah, got my attention! nice!