Monday, April 1, 2013

Monday Update - April 1, 2013

Evening everyone. I hope you all had a great Monday. It's hard to believe it's April already. Time is flying, and when deadlines are right around the corner, that's not a good thing.

The good news is that this last week was my most productive in quite a while. I polished off three full chapters of Finding Anna, Book 4. Now, if I can just keep that pace up through April and May, I'll be in good shape. Right  now I'm brainstorming a plot line with a ex law enforcement officer. I know what I want to happen, I just have to figure out a believable way to do it. *sighs* The hardships of an author. ;)

There were some ready big highlights over the last week. First, and foremost was the reveal of the Truth (Finding Anna, Book 3) cover. What do you think?

I also released an exclusive excerpt over at The SUBCLUB. If you missed it, you can read it here.

For any of you going to the Lori Foster RAGT, I will be signing books on Friday night. B&N still shows my books as POD even though they aren't, so I'll be signing with the self published and ebook only authors. If you're coming on Saturday, send me a message, or leave a comment, and we can find each other at the hotel. I'll have my books with me, and be conducting my own sales that weekend.

I realized this last week that I've never actually went and looked at my Amazon author page. I've updated it, sure, but I've never actually clicked on it to see what it is readers see. If you haven't been to my Amazon Author page, you might want to check it out.

My Facebook page reached a milestone this past Friday by hitting 900 likes. Since Friday, another 20 have been added! Wow. Thanks everyone for your support and love of my stories.

Throughout the month of April, I, along with over 30 other authors, are participating in The SUBCLUB's Spring Giving Event. Each author has picked a charity, and have donated prizes. All you have to do is donate to the charity of the author's choice in order to enter the drawing. To find out all the official rules, click here.

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