Monday, April 15, 2013

Monday Update - April 15, 2013

Happy Tax Day to all of those in the US.

Yeah, right. LOL.

On to more pleasant topics, like writing and books. :)

Last week was fairly productive. I added over 5K to my WIP. I'm not sitting at just under 58,000 words. There is no telling how long this book is going to be since I think I'm about halfway at this point. If that's really the case, then this book could be well over 100K by the time I'm finished. I somehow don't think most of you will have a problem with that. ;)

I updated my website with some new information, and rearranged a few things as well. There is more I need to add/change, but if you haven't stopped by my website lately, please do. I love my blog, and I try to keep things as up to date here as possible, but sometimes its easier to sift through things on the website than trying to find them here.

This past week I added Red Zone to my list of books on Authorgraph. If you aren't aware of what Authorgraph is, its a program that allows authors to personalize and 'sign' readers ebooks. If you have an ebook of one or more of my books, and would like me to sign it, go to

You're probably getting sick of hearing about this already, but here is another reminder about the SUBCLUB's Spring Giving Event. I'm participating with more than 30 other authors. Every author has selected a charity, and donated some pretty amazing prizes from signed books to swag. All you have to do is donate in order to enter.
My Finding Anna Series was featured on Maryse's Book Blog last week.
Slave and Need also made Ana's Attic's list of Favorite Dom/sub or BDSM Romance Books and Series.
I wrote a guest blog post for Ali's Bookshelf talking about what is on MY bookshelf. Find out what books I've read that now have a permanent spot on my bookshelf.
The official program for Ohioana 2013 is out. I'll be on the Fiction by Women: A Writer's Roundtable panel from 12:45pm to 1:30pm. There are lots of activities all day long including a book fair of 90+ Ohio authors with genres ranging from childrens picture books to erotica, author panels, and children's activities. If you're in Ohio, or will be on May 11th, consider stopping by and seeing what the Ohioana Book Festival is all about.

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