Saturday, April 6, 2013

Sweet Saturday Sample - April 6, 2013


I turned the doorknob and walked into my condo. My eyes immediately began to search for Brianna.

She was right where I thought she’d be, just outside the kitchen waiting for me as she had been yesterday. The difference today was that she was looking up at me and smiling. I dropped my keys on the table beside the door and went to her.

I circled my arms around her, bringing her close. I heard a small sigh escape her as my hands traveled up her back and into her hair. “How are you feeling?” I whispered before pulling back to look into her eyes.

“Better,” she said, looking just as relieved as I felt.

I wondered if she felt any of the same pull I felt toward her. Even if she did, would it be enough for her to stay? Would she give a relationship between the two of us an opportunity to develop? Or would fear from her past block any chance we had? I didn’t know the answer, and I’m not sure she did either.
With that thought, I closed my eyes and let my lips find hers. She opened up to me and kissed me back. It was not full of heat like our kiss the night before, but it was just as full of emotion. At least, it was for me. I had no idea what Brianna was feeling. Although she was getting better every day, she was still reluctant to share her true feelings with me. I was hoping that would change soon. More than anything, I wanted to know what she was thinking.

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