Sunday, May 17, 2015

Weekly Wrap-Up & Vote

It's been a crazy weather week here in Ohio. I went from trying to find ways to stay cool to having to turn my heat on because I was getting chilly. Now the heat is back and it's brought with it the humidity.

Weekly Wrap-Up

Aside from the insane weather, it's been a productive week. I've been working on Trent and Abby's story and it's moving right along. Chapters five and six are now with my beta. The total word count is sitting at a little over 17,000 words. My target is 80,000 words, so I'm around twenty-two percent of my goal.

For the readers who've been following my Daniels Brother's Series, you know that a new addition to the family is coming and they are going to make an appearance in this 4th and final book. But, I'm asking for my readers help.

Should Gage and Rebecca have a boy or a girl? 

Leave your answer in the comments. I'll tally up the votes before next week's post and let you know the results on next week's Weekly Wrap-Up post.

 Aside from writing, I've also been preparing for the One More Romance Author Event coming up in Dayton, Ohio on June 6th. My book order has been placed. I can't wait to get my hands on them.

If you're interested in coming to see me at the event, there are still tickets available. Click on the picture above for more information.

Ask A Character

Last week I launched something new on my blog called Ask A Character. This week's question was to Stephan: "What made you decide you could help Brianna better than a psychiatrist?" To find out Stephan's answer, click here.