Monday, June 24, 2013

Weekly Update & Giveaway Winner - June 24, 2013

It's Monday, and I'm back in Ohio once more. The trip to Colorado was eventful in both good and bad ways, but overall I count it as a success. I met lots of authors I've seen and talked to on Facebook for the last couple of years, and had the opportunity to meet some new readers.

First things first, however.

I want to thank everyone who entered my Hidden Threat RomCon giveaway. The First Kiss Event was a huge success at RomCon with Hidden Threat's first kiss scene getting voted the best. That's always a very exciting moment for an author. The corresponding giveaway here on my blog also went well with over 100 entries. I've sent the winners and email notifying them. Thank you to everyone who entered.

Now, on to RomCon. If you follow me on Facebook, you've seen all the pictures I took at the conference.

As I mentioned above, Friday morning was the First Kiss Event. This is a picture of me with the reader who won a signed copy of Hidden Threat.

These ladies were also at the First Kiss Event. They came all the way to Colorado from the UK for RomCon.

Friday night was my book signing. Thanks to the First Kiss Event, I ended up selling out of the copies of Hidden Threat I'd brought with me. I guess that first kiss of Cali and Matthew's left a lasting impression. ;)

All of my events were on Friday, so on Saturday I was able to go around to the different events and mingle with other authors. Here are some pictures with fellow authors that attended the event.
Hazel St. James

Laci Paige

Cherise Sinclair

Lexi Blake
This past week was mostly about getting ready for RomCon, but I did get two and a half more chapters written. The manuscript for Finding Anna Book 4 is now up over 130K, and I still have a few more chapters to go at least. My goal is to finish it this week, so cross your fingers.

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