Saturday, March 15, 2014


Last night I was a guest on a blogtalk radio show called Anything Goes. It's hosted by Bennet Pomerantz, and this isn't the first time I've stopped into his show. Bennet and I are in a Facebook group together called Contemporary Romance Lovers. He and I are two of the more outspoken members of the group, so putting us together on a radio show is always interesting.

The main topic of conversation last night was reviews. Bennet is a professional reviewer. He prides himself on being both honest and professional in his reviews. This sometimes means being critical.

Listen to the full interview here.

Yesterday morning, when confirming the interview with me, Bennet sent me a link to a Huffington Post article on reviews written by Rachel Thompson titled Reader Reviews vs. Reviewer Reviews: Is There A Difference? In this article she states that there are two types of reviews: those written by readers, and those written by reviewers.

Let me clarify. Rachel is attaching the term reviewer to bloggers who review books. These are individuals who have an established blog with a decent number of followers, and whom adheres to review guidelines. These include a disclaimer on how they received the book, especially if it was given to them for free for an honest review.

Those Rachel classifies as readers don't adhere to any guidelines or rules. They are purely stating their opinion on any given book. This can be as simple as 'I loved it!' or 'It sucked!'.

I encourage you to read Rachel's Huffington Post article. Then, take a listen to my interview with Bennet, and let me know your thoughts.

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