Saturday, March 1, 2014

Countdown To Trust (Finding Anna, Book 4) ~ 19 Days To Go!

The countdown continues.

19 Days Until Trust

Chapter 1

If I kept this up, I was going to need to replace the flooring in my living room before the year was out. I stopped my pacing and glanced up at the closed bedroom door, then out the large window that framed my backyard. To say I was worried was an understatement. I wanted to punch something. Or maybe someone was more accurate. Unfortunately, I didn’t know who to focus my anger on at the moment.

The first person to come to mind was Stephan Coleman. He’d made Anna depend on him, need him, and now she was completely lost. She was worse now than that first time I’d seen her. For the last two months, she’d barely left her room. At first, even getting her to eat had been a challenge, but with Jade’s help, we’d gotten her to eat something, even if only a bowl of soup or some toast. She was wasting away in that room without him, and there didn’t appear to be a damn thing I could do about it. be continued in tomorrow's post.

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