Friday, March 7, 2014

Countdown To Trust (Finding Anna, Book 4) ~ 13 Days To Go!

The countdown continues.

13 Days Until Trust

Chapter 1 continued...

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She tilted her head back, looking up at the ceiling, and sighed. I got the feeling I’d be sleeping on the couch again after this conversation. “Usually when you break up with someone, it’s because it isn’t working anymore or the other person wronged you. That didn’t happen in this case. She’s intentionally keeping herself away from him in order to protect him. She didn’t stop loving him. He didn’t stop loving her.”
I started to open my mouth to contradict her, but she cut me off.
“I don’t care what you say. I believe he loves her. Why would he go to all that trouble with her if he didn’t?”
“Easy. He wanted a compliant sex toy he could have his way with.”

“Cal Ross. That is one of the most callous things I’ve ever heard you say.” be continued in tomorrow's post.

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