Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Countdown To Trust (Finding Anna, Book 4) ~ 9 Days To Go!

The countdown continues.

9 Days Until Trust

Chapter 1 continued...

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“What are you thinking about?”
I gave Jade a chaste kiss before stepping back. “I was thinking about how much our lives have changed since Anna moved in, and how much you’ve had to put up with.”
“They have changed, haven’t they?”
I reached in the cabinet for a mug before pouring myself some coffee. “Yes.”
We stared at each other for several minutes, not speaking but saying plenty. Jade stepped closer and reached out to brush her fingers along the back of my hand.
Turning my hand over, I laced our fingers and squeezed. We stayed like that, trapped in the bubble we’d created, until there was a knock on the door.
“I’ll get it. Why don’t you let Anna know Emma’s here.”
Jade nodded.
Once she was inside Anna’s room, I opened the door and invited Emma in. “Morning, Emma.”
“Good morning, Cal. How are you?”
“As well as can be expected at eight thirty on a Saturday morning.”

She stepped inside, tucking her long blond hair behind her ear while adjusting the strap on her briefcase over her shoulder. “You’re used to getting up earlier than this now, aren’t you? I’d expect you to be ready for anything at this point.”

...to be continued in tomorrow's post.

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